Women Volleyball Norceca World Championship 2018 Qualification - 6 quotas
Norceca Women 2017 Championship served as World Qualification. United States did not play after beiing pre-qualified as World Champions.
Qualified: Dominicana, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Trinidad Tobago.

Final Roound

Each 3 zones with 2 quotas CAZOVA, ECVA and AFECAVOL>
First 6 teams in FIBA World Ranking pre-qualified to the tournament: Dominicana, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. Trinidad Tobago qualified instead of Costa Rica.
Group Awonltptsfsapointsratio
1. Dominicana30159:0226/1161.948
2. Puerto Rico21106:3210/1511.391
3. Guatemala1253:6140/2120.660
4. Jamaica0300:9128/2250.569
Puerto Rico ---3:03:0
Guatemala ---3:0
Jamaica ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played at Palacio de Voleibol, Santo Domingo, Dominicana.
Fri 13.10.1717:00Puerto Rico3-0Jamaica75-3525-825-1025-17 1:05500
Fri 13.10.1719:00Dominicana3-0Guatemala75-2525-725-725-11 1:111,900
Sat 14.10.1717:00Puerto Rico3-0Guatemala75-4025-1125-1625-13 1:131,000
Sat 14.10.1719:31Dominicana3-0Jamaica75-3125-1425-1125-6 1:132,000
Sun 15.10.1717:17Guatemala3-0Jamaica75-6225-2325-1925-20 1:171,000
Sun 15.10.1719:44Dominicana3-0Puerto Rico76-6026-2425-2125-15 1:405,000
Group Bwonltptsfsapointsratio
1. Canada30159:0225/1112.027
2. Cuba21106:3206/1351.526
3. Nicaragua1253:6142/1860.763
4. Saint Lucia0300:984/2250.373
Cuba ---3:03:0
Nicaragua ---3:0
Saint Lucia ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played at Langley Events Centre, LAngle BC, Canada.
Thu 28.09.1718:35Cuba3-0Nicaragua75-3625-825-925-19 1:05103
Thu 28.09.1721:00Canada3-0Saint Lucia75-2425-825-825-8 1:00350
Fri 29.09.1717:30Cuba3-0Saint Lucia75-2425-625-625-12 0:57250
Fri 29.09.1720:00Canada3-0Nicaragua75-3125-1325-1025-8 1:07500
Sat 30.09.1718:31Nicaragua3-0Saint Lucia75-3625-1225-1125-13 1:01200
Sat 30.09.1721:20Canada3-0Cuba75-5625-1825-1525-23 1:20900
Group Cwonltptsfsapointsratio
1. Mexico3(1)0139:2260/1841.413
2. Trinidad Tobago21(1)128:3252/1991.266
3. Costa Rica1253:6187/1900.984
4. Dominica0300:099/2250.440
Trinidad Tobago ---3:03:0
Costa Rica ---3:0
Dominica ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played at National Cycling Centre, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago.
Fri 13.10.1717:00Mexico3-0Costa Rica75-5525-1625-1825-21 1:1850
Fri 13.10.1719:00Trinidad Tobago3-0Dominica75-3225-1625-725-9 1:01200
Sat 14.10.1717:00Mexico3-0Dominica75-2725-725-1325-7 1:0050
Sat 14.10.1719:00Trinidad Tobago3-0Costa Rica75-5725-1925-1625-22 1:25150
Sun 15.10.1717:00Costa Rica3-0Dominica75-4025-1425-1325-13 1:0250
Sun 15.10.1719:00Mexico3-2Trinidad Tobago110-10225-2125-2223-2522-2515-92:16200

Qualification Round

CAZOVA Carribean Championship 2017 - Trinidad Tobago (8.) and Jamaica (11.)>.5 15-9 2:16 200 inidad Tobago qualified instead of Costa Rica.7/54, Blocks: 8/31-5/21, Serve: 13/72-1/43, Opp. Errors: 17-16')" onmouseout="return nd();"> Stats Stats ts ts 004)2 44Dōxx/ kV~\HōH$XHYP\&H4 8Hjt]DuyE8 @sx,d  aELFT4 z4 (;:444      hH<]