Women Volleyball African Qualification for World Champinship 2018 - 2 Quotas
31 teams intended to play for 2 quotas. 2 phases - 1. Zonal, 2. Final.
Zone I and Zone VII will qualify 1 team for Final Round. All other zones will qualify 2 teams. First 2 teams from FIVB ranking will pre-qualify.
Final with 2 groups with 7 teams. Winners from each Group will qualify to World Women 2018.
Final Groups Round was cancelled and qualification was Africa Women 2017 Championship.
CAVB Board Administration at meeting on 25th May 2017 decided to merge 2017 Women African Championship and 2018 FIVB World Championship Continental Qualifiers.
Zone and Group Distribution
Zone : Teams - 13 teams qualified as per September 13.
_ Zone I - 1 from 3: Tunisia, Algeria, Libya
_ Zone II - 2 from 3: Senegal, Cabo Verde, Gambia
_ Zone III - 2 from 4: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Niger.
_ Zone IV - 2 from 4: Cameroon, Congo DR, Gabon, Central Africa, Chad.
_ Zone V - 2 from 7: Kenya, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Burundi, Tanzania
_ Zone VI - 2 from 7: Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Nambia, Malawi, Zambia.
_ Zone VII - 1 from 3: Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius

Zone I

Algeria advanced to Women 2017. Tunisia pre-qualified from World Ranking.
1. Tunisia2066:2192/1881.021
2. Algeria0202:6188/1920.979
Tunisia---3:1, 3:1
Algeria ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played in Bejaia, Algeria.
Sat 09.09.1718:00Tunisia3-1Algeria96-9225-2220-2526-2425-21
Sun 10.09.1718:00Tunisia3-1Algeria96-9619-2525-2327-2525-23

Zone II.

Senegal and Cabo Verde advanced to Women 2017 as Gambia withdrew.
Zone IIwonltptsfsapointsratio
1. Senegal1033:075/491.531
2. Cabo Verde0100:349/750.653
-. Gambia withdrew.
Cabo Verde ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played at Gimnodesportivo Vava Duarte, Praia, Cabo Verde. UTC -1.
Sat 24.05.1719:00Senegal3-0Cabo Verde75-4925-1325-2025-16 1:--

Zone IV

Cameroon, Congo DR and Chad.

Zone III

Nigeria and Ghana advanced to Women 2017.
1. Nigeria2066:0151/961.573
2. Ghana1133:4131/1510.868
3. Ivory Coast0201:6132/1670.790
Ghana ---3:1
Ivory Coast ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played at Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
Fri 18.08.171-:00Ghana3-1Ivory Coast91-7625-1725-1616-2525-18 -:------
Sat 19.08.171-:00Nigeria3-0Ghana75-3925-1625-1725-7 -:------
Sun 20.08.171-:00Nigeria3-0Ivory Coast75-3826-2425-1225-20 -:------

Zone V

Kenya and Egypt advanced to Women 2017.
1. Kenya3099:0225/1451.552
2. Egypt2166:4223/1991.121
3. Uganda1223:8184/2480.742
4. Rwanda0313:9238/2780.856
Egypt ---3:03:1
Uganda ---3:2
Rwanda ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played at Armahoro Indoor Stadium, Kigali, Rwanda.
Fri 28.07.171-:00Egypt3-1Rwanda98-8625-1821-2525-2325-20 -:------
Fri 28.07.171-:00Kenya3-0Uganda75-3925-1225-1525-12 -:------
Sat 29.07.171-:00Egypt3-0Uganda75-3825-1425-1225-12 -:------
Sat 29.07.171-:00Kenya3-0Rwanda75-5425-2225-1625-16 -:------
Sun 30.07.171-:00Uganda3-2Rwanda107-9823-2519-2525-1625-2315-9-:------
Sun 30.07.171-:00Kenya3-0Egypt75-5225-1825-1725-17 -:------

Zone VI

Botswana and Mozambique advanced to Women 2017. Played along with Men's Zone VI Qualification Men WQ 2018.
Mozambique withdrew for African Championship and was replaced by Zambia.
1. Botswana2066:0150/1051.429
2. Mozambique1(1)123:5159/1760.903
3. Swaziland02(1)02:6154/1820.846
Mozambique ---3:2
Swaziland ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5durattend.
Fri 30.06.1719:00Mozambique3-2Swaziland107-10125-2217-2525-2725-1815-9
Sat 01.07.1718:30Botswana3-0Mozambique75-5225-1325-1425-15
Sun 02.07.1715:00Botswana3-0Swaziland75-53?25-1625-18?25-19

Zone VII

From 2nd to 5th August in Reunion was played volleyball tournament of CJSOI. Expected teams: Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comores and Djibouti.
CJSOI - Comission de la Jeunesse et des Sports de l'ocean Indien).
1. Reunion301212:1244/1591.535
2. Maurituius2196:3196/1661.181
3. Seychelles1334:9200/2230.897
4. Mayotte0200:12133/2250.591
Mauritius ---3:03:0
Seychelles ---3:0
Mayotte ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
played at Armahoro Indoor Stadium, Kigali, Rwanda.
Tue 02.08.1714:45Reunion3-1Seychelles75-4419-2525-1325-2325-16 1:34
Wed 02.08.1715:30Mauritius3-0Mayotte75-3325-1125-1725-15 0:43
Thu 03.08.1713:30Mauritius3-0Seychelles76-4825-1125-1326-24 0:48
Thu 03.08.1715.30Reunion3-0Mayotte75-3725-925-1625-12 1:15
Fri 04.08.1713:30Seychelles3-0Mayotte75-5325-1925-1625-18 1:15
Fri 04.08.1715:30Reunion3-0Seychelles75-4525-1125-1825-18 0:45
Sat 05.08.1709:30Seychelles3--Mayotte-----
Sat 05.08.1713:30Reunion3--Mauritius-----
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