Women Handball Olympic Games 2020 Intercontinental Qualification -----.03.2020
Japan qualified as host.
1st step World Women 2019 1 team.
2nd step Continental tournaments 4 teams. Europe, Asia and America some played before 1st step.
3rd step 3 Intercontinental tournaments 6 teams.
All 11 qualified teams:
World - ------. Continental: Europe - France, Africa - Angola, America - Brazil, Asia - South Korea.
Qualification: - - .
Group Distribution of Intercontinental Tournaments.
If France wins World Women 2019 Russia will qualify via Europe na Romania will earn a quota to qulaifications.
Russia and Netherlands could earn quotas via World Women 2019 and transfer quaotas to Romania, Norway and DR Congo.
Group A
World Women 20192nd
World Women 20197th
SenegalAfrica Women OQ 20192nd
China1?Asia Women OQ 20192nd
Group B
World Women 20193rd
World Women 20196th
Netherlands1?Europe Women 20183rd
Argentina2?America Women PG 2019 2nd
Group C
World Women 20194th
World Women 20195th
Russia1?Europe Women 20182nd

Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group advanced to Tokyo Women 2020.
Tokyo 2020 index
Men OQ 2020
Olympic indexWorld index
Europe indexAmerica index
Africa indexAsia index
Oceania indexEurope Qual index
Euro Cups index
World Cup indexOther index
Handball indexTodor66
Olympic Qualifications
Women OQ 2016
Women OQ 2012
Women OQ 2008
Women OQ 1984
Women OQ 1980
Women OQ 1976

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