Women Handball Olympic Games 2016 Intercontinental Qualification 17-20.03.2016
Brazil qualifies as host.
1st step World Women 2015 1 team.
2nd step Continental tournaments 4 teams. Europe, Asia and America some played before 1st step.
3rd step 3 Intercontinental tournaments 6 teams.
All 11 qualified teams:
Wolrd: Norway. Continental: Europe - Spain, Africa - Angola, America - Argentina, Asia - South Korea.
Qualification: Netherlands, France - Romania, Montenegro - Russia and Sweden.
Group Distribution of Intercontinental Tournaments.
Group A
NetherlandsWorld Women 20152nd
FranceWorld Women 20157th
TunisiaAfrica Women OQ 20152nd
JapanAsia Women OQ 20152nd
Group B
RomaniaWorld Women 20153rd
DenmarkWorld Women 20156th
MontenegroEurope Women 20145th
UruguayAmerica Women PG 20153rd
Group C
PolandWorld Women 20154th
RussiaWorld Women 20155th
SwedenEurope Women 20143rd
MexicoAmerica Women PG 20154th

Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group advanced to Rio Women 2016.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-
1. Netherlands6300103:62+41
2. France420175:56+19
3. Japan210279:78+1
4. Tunisia000355:116-61
France ----25:1733:15
Japan ----37:20
Tunisia ----
Host changed from Netherlands to France.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Arenes de Metz, France.
Fri 18.03.1616:45Japan37-20Tunisia19-84,000
Fri 18.03.1619:00Netherlands24-17France9-75,000
Sat 19.03.1616:45Netherlands33-25Japan15-164,000
Sat 19.03.1619:00France33-15Tunisia20-64,000
Sun 20.03.1617:45Netherlands46-20Tunisia27-102,800
Sun 20.03.1619:30France25-17Japan11-74,000
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-
1. Romania521091:67+24
2. Montenegro521083:64+19
3. Denmark210285:75+10
4. Uruguay000355:108-53
Montenegro ----26:2234:19
Denmark ----38:17
Uruguay ----
Host changed from Romania to Denmark.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Ceres Arena, aarhus, Denmark.
Fri 18.03.1616:45Montenegro34-19Uruguay15-101,100
Fri 18.03.1619:00Romania32-25Denmark19-133,100
Sat 19.03.1617:45Romania36-19Uruguay17-10
Sat 19.03.1620:00Montenegro26-22Denmark13-103,200
Sun 20.03.1617:30Romania23-23Montenegro15-111,200
Sun 20.03.1620:00Denmark38-17Uruguay19-71,500
Group Cpwdlgfgag+-
1. Russia6300101:71+30
2. Sweden4201100:81+19
3. Poland210285:71+14
4. Mexico000351:114-63
Sweden ----30:2441:20
Poland ----36:14
Mexico ----
Host changed from Poland to Russia.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Sportcomplex Zvezdny, Astrkhan, Russia. UtC +3.
Fri 18.03.1617:30Russia27-25Poland11-116,000
Fri 18.03.1620:00Sweden41-20Mexico21-91,000
Sat 19.03.1616:00Sweden30-24Poland16-123,700
Sat 19.03.1618:30Russia37-17Mexico17-116,000
Sun 20.03.1618:00Russia37-29Sweden15-106,000
Sun 20.03.1620:30Poland36-14Mexico18-51,500
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