Women Handball IX European Championship 2010 Denmark, Norway 07-19.12 - Winner Norway
Finals Herning (DEN)
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTStats
Final19.1217:00Norway25-20Sweden10-11_ NORSWE
3-419.1214:30Romania16-15Denmark9-7_ ROUDEN
5-618.1211:30France23-19Montengro12-5_ FRAMNE
1/218.1214:30Sweden25-23Romania14-13_ SWEROU
1/218.1217:00Norway29-19Denmark10-14_ NORDEN
Norway, Sweden and Romania. qualify to World Championship World Women 2011.
Norway qualify to Olympic Women 2012 and Europe Women 2012.
After winning the World Championship Norway left the European place for the Olympic Games to Sweden.
Russia already qualified as World Champion.
All other teams play in World Qualification Europe Qual Women 2011.
Second Groups Round
Group IISWENORFRANEDHUNUKRLillehammer - Hakons Hall
First Groups Round
Group ADENROUESPSRBAalborg - Gigantum Arena
Group BMNERUSCROISLAarhus - NRGI Atletion Arena
Group CSWENEDUKRGERLarvik - Arena Larvik
Group DNORHUNFRASLOLillehammer - Hakons Hall
During the Tournament was played the Final of Women Challenge 2010.
Final Rankingpwdlgfga
1. Norway14701239:146
2. Sweden12602199:175
3. Romania10503205:197
4. Denmark10503192:175
5. France10502168:153
6. Montenegro8403170:169
7. Russia6303159:145
8. Netherlands4204130:145
9. Croatia6303152:167
eliminated after First Groups Round
Romania and Montenegro qualified to Olympic qualification Olympic Women OQ 2012.
Second Groups Round. First 2 to Semi-Finals. 3rd to Classification Game.
Qualified: Denmark, Romania, Sweden and Norway.
Group Ipwdlgfga
1. Denmark8401133:110
2. Romania6302126:129
3. Montenegro6302125:123
4. Russia4203129:124
5. Croatia4203117:142
6. Spain2104117:119
Denmark----25:22 26:2031:1922:19
Romania ----23:21 31:2230:26
Montenegro30:29 ----24:22 22:20
Russia 35:20 ----30:24
Croatia 29:28 ----23:22
Spain 30:22 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTStats
played at Herning
13.1216:45Montenegro22-20Spain12-10_ MNEESP
13.1218:45Romania31-22Croatia14-12_ ROUCRO
13.1220:45Denmark26-20Russia11-10_ DENRUS
14.1216:45Romania23-21Montenegro13-12_ ROUMNE
14.1218:45Spain30-22Russia16-12_ ESPRUS
14.1220:45Denmark31-19Croatia16-10_ DENCRO
16.1216:45Russia35-20Romania19-10_ RUSROU
16.1218:45Croatia23-22Spain11-10_ CROESP
16.1220:45Montenegro30-29Denmark14-18_ MNEDEN
Group IIpwdlgfga
1. Sweden8401127:102
2. Norway8401153:91
3. France6302116:115
4. Netherlands4203103:115
5. Hungary420398:128
6. Ukraine0005101:147
Sweden----24:19 25:1724:1933:25
Norway ----33:2235:1334:1332:19
France22:21 ----23:21 31:19
Netherlands ----27:1925:13
Hungary 21:18 ----26:25
Ukraine ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTStats
12.1216:15France23-21Netherlands13-10_ FRANED
12.1218:15Hungary26-25Ukraine14-12_ HUNUKR
12.1220:15Sweden24-19Norway13-6_ SWENOR
14.1216:15Netherlands27-19Hungary15-10_ NEDHUN
14.1218:15France22-21Sweden11-9_ FRASWE
14.1220:15Norway32-19Ukraine13-6_ NORUKR
15.1216:15France31-19Ukraine16-13_ FRAUKR
15.1218:15Sweden24-19Hungary10-12_ SWEHUN
15.1220:15Norway35-13Netherlands18-9_ NORNED
First Groups Round>. First 3 to Second Groups Round.
Scores are transferred.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Denmark630072:61
2. Romania420192:79
3. Spain210271:75
4. Serbia000371:91
Romania ----30:2640:28
Spain ----26:23
Serbia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTStats
07.1218:15Romania30-26Spain15-10_ ROUESP
transferred to Group I
07.1220:45Denmark25-20Serbia14-6_ ROUESP
09.1218:45Spain26-23Serbia14-9_ ESPSRB
09.1220:45Denmark25-22Romania14-15_ DENROU
transferred to Group I
10.1218:45Romania40-28Serbia20-14_ ROUSRB
10.1220:45Denmark22-19Spain12-9_ DENESP
transferred to Group I
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Russia420182:69
2. Montenegro420178:74
3. Croatia420188:83
4. Iceland000369:91
Russia---- 30:2430:21
Montenegro24:22---- 26:23
Croatia 29:28----35:25
Iceland ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTStats
07.1218:15Montenegro24-22Russia10-15_ MNERUS
transferred to Group I
07.1220:15Croatia35-25Iceland19-12_ CROISL
09.1218:45Montenegro26-23Iceland14-10_ MMEISL
09.1220:15Russia30-24Croatia16-11_ RUSCRO
transferred to Group I
10.1218:45Russia30-21Iceland16-9_ RUSISL
10.1220:15Croatia29-28Montenegro13-12_ CROMNE
transferred to Group I
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Sweden630085:67
2. Netherlands210269:68
3. Ukraine210271:81
4. Germany210278:87
Netherlands ----25:13
Ukraine ----33:23
Germany 30:27 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTStats
07.1217:45Sweden27-25Germany12-14_ SWEGER
07.1219:45Netherlands25-13Ukraine13-8_ NEDUKR
transferred to Group II
08.1217:45Sweden33-25Ukraine18-15_ SWEUKR
transferred to Group II
08.1219:45Germany30-27Netherlands17-18_ GERNED
10.1217:45Sweden25-17Netherlands14-6_ SWENED
transferred to Group II
10.1219:45Ukraine33-23Germany15-10_ UKRGER
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. Norway630099:51
2. Hungary420162:71
3. France210269:73
4. Slovenia000354:89
Hungary ----21:1828:19
France ----29:19
Slovenia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTStats
07.1218:15Hungary28-19Slovenia16-10_ HUNSLO
07.1220:15Norway33-22France19-10_ NORFRA
transferred to Group II
08.1218:15Hungary21-18France12-7_ HUNFRA
transferred to Group II
08.1220:15Norway32-16Slovenia19-6_ NORSLO
10.1218:15France29-19Slovenia15-9_ FRASLO
10.1220:15Norway34-13Hungary19-7_ NORHUN
transferred to Group II
Norwayhost and
1stWomen 2008
From Qualification Europe_Qual Women 2010
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MontenegroGroup F1st
CroaciaGroup G1st
RomaniaGroup A2nd
SwedenGroup B2nd
IcelandGroup C2nd
SloveniaGroup D2nd
SerbiaGroup E2nd
RussiaGroup F2nd
NetherlandsGroup G2nd
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