Women Handbal Asia Olympic Games 2020 Qualification Chuzhou, China 23-29.10
Round Robinp_w__d__l_gfgag+-
1.KOR South Korea10500181:93+88
2.CHN China6302138:103+35
3.PRK North Korea6302142:115+27
4.KAZ Kazakhstan6302133:110+23
5.HKG Hong Kong210486:165-79
6.THA Thailand000586:180-94
All matches played at Chuzhou Handball Stadium, Chuzou.
South Korea qualified to Tokyo Olympic Women 2020.
China advanced to Intercontinental Qualification Olympic/Women OQ 2020.
Tye-break for 2nd place (goal difference from matches beteeen teams with 6 points): 2. China +4, 2. North Korea +1, Kazakhstan -5.
KOR South Korea----32:2039:2129:2541:1340:14
CHN China ---- 26:1934:1036:17
PRK North Korea 25:22---- 38:1436:16
KAZ Kazakhstan 24:22----30:1635:17
HKG Hong Kong ----33:22
THA Thailand ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Sun 23.09.1814:00KAZ Kazakhstan30-16HKG Hong Kong16-7
Sun 23.09.1816:00KOR South Korea39-21PRK North Korea20-10
Sun 23.09.1818:00CHN China36-17THA Thailand17-9
Mon 24.09.1814:00KOR South Korea29-25KAZ Kazakhstan15-13
Mon 24.09.1816:00HKG Hong Kong33-22THA Thailand19-10
Mon 24.09.1818:00PRK North Korea25-22CHN China11-11
Wed 26.09.1814:00KOR South Korea40-14THA Thailand21-6
Wed 26.09.1816:00KAZ Kazakhstan24-22PRK North Korea12-10
Wed 26.09.1818:00CHN China34-10HKG Hong Kong21-4
Thu 27.09.1814:00PRK North Korea36-16THA Thailand18-8
Thu 27.09.1816:00KOR South Korea41-13HKG Hong Kong21-4
Thu 27.09.1818:00CHN China26-19KAZ Kazakhstan12-10
Sat 29.09.1814:00KAZ Kazakhstan35-17THA Thailand16-8
Sat 29.09.1816:00PRK North Korea38-14HKG Hong Kong19-6
Sat 29.09.1818:00KOR South Korea32-20CHN China17-8
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Last updated: 8 Feb 2020
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