Men Handbal Asia Olympic Games 2016 Qualification Qatar 14-27.11 UTC +3 - Winner Qatar.
Matches played at Duhall Handball Sports Hall.
Qatar qualified to Rio Olympic Men 2016. First time other than South Korea Asia team qualified for Oympic Games.
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
FinalFri 27.1118:00Qatar28-19Iran15-11
3-4Fri 27.1116:00Bahrain34-21South Korea17-10
5-6Thu 26.1118:00Japan38-27Saudi Arabia14-17
7-8Thu 26.1116:00Iraq38-27China15-11
9-10Thu 26.1114:00Oman30-24Australia11-11
Semi-Finals Wednesday 25.11
1/2Wed 25.1116:00Qatar30-26South Korea14-9
1/2Wed 25.1118:00Iran35-30Bahrain16-12
5-8Wed 25.1112:00Saudi Arabia33-31Iraq19-17
5-8Wed 25.1114:00Japan40-24China17-10
9-11Wed 25.1110:00Australia30-25Uzbekistan17-14
Final RankingPwdlgfgag+-
1. Qatar14700235:133+102
2. Iran10502204:190+14
3. Bahrain10501206:137+69
4. South Korea6303171:154+17
elimiated in Groups Round Claas. 5-8.
5. Japan10502228:179+39
6. Saudi Arabia6304186:204-18
7. Iraq6303172:165+7
8. China2105152:213-61
elimiated in Groups Round Claas. 9-11.
9. Oman4204170:191-21
-. Kuwait disqualified
Qatar qualified to Olympic Men 2016.
Iran and Bahrain qualified to Olympic Men OQ 2016.
Qatar has already quota for Olympic Men OQ 2016 as 2nd from World Men 2015.
Australia after not competing in World 2015 as Oceania representative was given a chance to qualify to Olympic Games through Asia Qualification.

Groups Round.

First 2 to 1/2 Finals. Rest to Classification.
Final Four: Qatar, South Korea, Bahrain and Iran.
Group Apwdlgfga+-g
1. Bahrain8400142:81+61
2. South Korea6301124:90+34
3. Iraq4202103:105-2
4. China2103101:135-34
5. Australia000470:129-59
-. Kuwait disqualified
South Korea ----26:2033:2335:16
Iraq -----32:19
China ----29:24
Australia ----
Kuwait ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Sun 15.1117:00South Korea26-20Iraq11-8
Sun 15.1119:00China29-24Australia17-8
Tue 17.1117:00Bahrain43-24China20-11
Tue 17.1119:00Iraq32-19Australia17-7
Thu 19.1117:00Bahrain35-16Iraq18-5
Thu 19.1119:00South Korea35-16Australia18-7
Sat 21.1117:00South Korea33-23China17-8
Sat 21.1119:00Bahrain33-11Australia21-3
Mon 23.1117:00Iraq35-25China17-13
Mon 23.1119:00Bahrain31-30South Korea12-19
Group Bpwdlgfga+-g
1. Qatar10500177:88+89
2. Iran8401150:132+18
3. Japan6302150:128+22
4. Saudi Arabia4203126:135-9
5. Oman2104140:167-27
6. Uzbekistan0005101:194-93
Iran ----31:2730:2439:3133:18
Japan ----27:1935:2742:15
Saudi Arabia ----29:2331:26
Oman ----39:33
Uzbekistan ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Sat 14.1115:00Japan27-19Saudi Arabia16-13
Sat 14.1117:00Iran39-31Oman18-14
Sat 14.1119:00Qatar49-9Uzbekistan24-4
Mon 16.1115:00Saudi Arabia29-23Oman17-12
Mon 16.1117:00Iran33-18Uzbekistan17-8
Mon 16.1119:00Qatar36-19Japan16-9
Wed 18.1115:00Iran31-27Japan14-15
Wed 18.1117:00Qatar29-23Saudi Arabia16-15
Wed 18.1119:00Oman39-33Uzbekistan22-14
Fri 20.1115:00Oman35-27Japan18-15
Fri 20.1117:00Saudi Arabia31-26Uzbekistan19-13
Fri 20.1119:00Qatar32-17Iran16-8
Sun 22.1115:00Qatar31-20Oman14-8
Sun 22.1117:00Japan42-15Uzbekistan19-9
Sun 22.1119:00Iran30-24Saudi Arabia14-11
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