Women Handball 11th Youth Africa Championship 2015 Nairobi (KEN) 02-09.07 - Winner Egypt
Played before Women Junior 2015.
Double Round Robinpwdlgfga+-TB
1. Egypt10501204:132+72+5
2. Angola10501210:136+74-5
3. Congo DR3114114:162-48
4. Kenya1015117:215-98
Egypt won by head-to-head criteria.
Egypt (.), Angola (.) and Congo DR (.) qualified to World Women Youth 2016.
Congo DR20:3116:36----26:16
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Opening Ceremony Thursday 02.07
Round Robin 1
02.0715:00Kenya22-22CGO Congo DR14-10
02.0717:00ANG Angola33-32EGY Egypt13-14
03.0715:00EGY Egypt27-16CGO Congo DR15-7
03.0717:00ANG Angola46-15Kenya24-7
04.0715:00ANG Angola30-14CGO Congo DR18-6
04.0717:00EGY Egypt43-18Kenya24-9
Rest Day Sunday 05.07.
Round Robin 2
06.0715:00ANG Angola36-16CGO Congo DR17-6
06.0717:00EGY Egypt39-19Kenya19-8
07.0715:00EGY Egypt31-20CGO Congo DR15-8
07.0717:00ANG Angola39-27Kenya19-13
Rest Day Wednesday 08.07.
09.0715:00CGO Congo DR26-16Kenya10-7
09.0717:00EGY Egypt32-26ANG Angola13-13
Virtual final. Angola played for a draw or 1 goal defeat with at least 32 scored goals.
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