Football VII Ladies Oceania Nations Cup 2003 - Finals played in Canberra (AUS) 05-13.04 +10 GMT - Winner Australia
Served as qualification for Ladies World Cup World Women Ladies 2003.
Round Robinpwdlgfga
1. Australia1240045:0
2. New Zealand930129:2
3. Papua New Guinea620210:21
4. Samoa31033:39
5. Cook Islands00041:26
New Zealand ---5:015:09:0
Papua New Guinea ---5:25:1
Samoa ---1:0
Cook Islands ---
Australia qualified to Ladies World Cup World Women Ladies 2003.
After this tournament Australia transferred to Asian Confederations and bagan playing in Ladies Asia Cup Asia index Ladies.
American Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga withdrew and the tournament was re-scheduled from 19-29.11.2002. Later Fiji and Vanuatu also withdrew.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTatt.
played at Belconnen Soccer Centre.
05.04--:--PNG Papua New Guinea5-1COK Cook Islands4-1250
05.04--:--AUS Australia19-0SAM Samoa6-0750
07.04--:--AUS Australia11-0COK Cook Islands5-0600
07.04--:--NZL New Zealand15-0SAM Samoa10-0200
09.04--:--NZL New Zealand9-0COK Cook Islands5-0250
09.04--:--AUS Australia13-0PNG Papua New Guinea4-0600
11.04--:--NZL New Zealand5-0PNG Papua New Guinea2-0250
1-0 Nicola Smith 7'; 2-0 3-0 4-0 Maia Jackman 12' 47' 59'
11.04--:--SAM Samoa1-0COK Cook Islands0-0250
1-0 Lyenette Laumea 77'
13.04--:--PNG Papua New Guinea5-2SAM Samoa2-0550
1-0 Lydia Banabas 27'; 2-0 Glenda Matthies 30'; 3-0 Nakere Nombe 51'; 4-0 Miriam Lanta 71'; 4-1 Leti Talai 74'; 5-1 Lydia Banabas 80'; 5-2 Selestina Peresia 87'
13.04--:--AUS Australia2-0NZL New Zealand1-02,200
1-0 Joanne Peters 24'; 2-0 Danielle Small 49'
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