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Bulgaria Purva Liga 2018-2019
Bulgaria Vtora Liga 2017-2018
Regular Sesesaon and Final
2017-2018 Finals6Ludogorets Razgrad88CSKA-Sofia Sofia81Levski Sofia64
2017-201814Ludogorets Razgrad66CSKA-Sofia Sofia63Levski Sofia50
2016-2017 Finals6Ludogorets Razgrad83CSKA-Sofia Sofia67Levski Sofia63
2016-201714Ludogorets Razgrad70CSKA-Sofia Sofia56Levski Sofia53
2015-201610Ludogorets Razgrad70Levski Sofia56Beroe Stara Zagora53
2014-201512Ludogorets Razgrad63Beroe Stara Zagora55Lokomotiv Sofia55
201414Ludogorets Razgrad84CSKA Sofia72Litex Lovech72
Classical Double Round Robin
201316Ludogorets Razgrad72Levski Sofia71CSKA Sofia63
201216Ludogorets Razgrad70CSKA Sofia69Levski Sofia62
201116Litex Lovech75Levski Sofia72CSKA Sofia61
201016Litex Lovech67CSKA Sofia55Levski Sofia54
200916Levski Sofia69CSKA Sofia68Cherno More Varna60
200816CSKA Sofia78Levski Sofia62Lokomotiv Sofia57
200716Levski Sofia77CSKA Sofia72Lokomotiv Sofia72
200616Levski Sofia68CSKA Sofia65Litex Lovech60
200516CSKA Sofia79Levski Sofia76Lokomotiv Plovdiv58
200416Lokomotiv Plovdiv75Levski Sofia72CSKA Sofia65
200314CSKA Sofia66Levski Sofia60Litex Lovech55
Regular Sesesaon and Final
200214Levski Sofia56Litex Lovech50CSKA Sofia38
Classical Double Round Robin
200114Levski Sofia69CSKA Sofia62Velbujd Kyustendil57
200016Levski Sofia64CSKA Sofia54Velbujd Kyustendil55
199916Litex Lovech76Levski Sofia74Levski Kyustendil57
199816Litex Lovech69Levski Sofia64CSKA Sofia61
199716CSKA Sofia71Neftohimik Burgas67Slavia Sofia57
199616Slavia Sovia67Levski Sofia62Lokomotiv Sofia58
199516Levski Sofia79Lokomotiv Sofia68Botev Plovdiv60
199416Levski Sofia71CSKA Sofia54Botev Plovdiv50
2 points for win
199316Levski Sofia50CSKA Sofia42Botev Plovdiv38
199216CSKA Sofia47Levski Sofia45Lokomotiv Plovdiv37
199116Etur Veliko Turnovo44CSKA Sofia37Slavia Sofia37
Before Political Changes
199016CSKA Sofia45Slavia Sofia36Etur Veliko Turnovo35
198916CFKA-Sredets Sofia49Vitosha Sofia39Etur Veliko Turnovo34
198816Vitosha Sofia48CFKA-Sredets Sofia46Trakia Plovdiv39
198716CFKA-Sredets Sofia47Vitosha Sofia44Trakia Plovdiv39
198616Beroe Stara Zagora43Trakia Plovdiv41Slavia Sofia39
198516Levski-Spartak Sofia40CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia36Trakia Plovdiv33
198416Levski-Spartak Sofia47CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia45Sliven32
198316CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia45Levski-Spartak Sofia42Trakia Plovdiv38
198216CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia47Levski-Spartak Sofia46Slavia Sofia35
198116CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia40Levski-Spartak Sofia36Trakia Plovdiv35
198016CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia46Slavia Sofia45Levski-Spartak Sofia37
197916Levski-Spartak Sofia43CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia40Lokomotiv Sofia37
197816Lokomotiv Sofia42CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia41Levski-Spartak Sofia38
197716Levski-Spartak Sofia43CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia39Marek Stanke Dimitrov38
197616CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia43Levski-Spartak Sofia41Akademik Sofia37
197516CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia39Levski-Spartak Sofia38Slavia Sofia36
197416Levski-Spartak Sofia47CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia46Lokomotiv Plovdiv34
197318CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia51Lokomotiv Plovdiv43Slavia Sofia43
197218CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia58Levski-Spartak Sofia50Beroe Stara Zagora42
197116CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia48Levski-Spartak Sofia48Botev Vratsa38
197016Levski-Spartak Sofia50CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia47JSK-Slavia38
196916CSKA Sept. Zname Sofia45Levski-Spartak Sofia38Lokomotiv Plovdiv37
196816Levski-Spartak Sofia45CSKA Cherveno Zname Sofia42Lokomotiv Sofia40
196716Botev Plovdiv38Slavia Sofia37Levski Sofia36
196616CSKA Cherv. Zname Sofia42Levski Sofia41Slavia Sofia39
196516Levski Sofia42Lokomotiv Sofia39Slavia Sofia35
196416Lokomotiv Sofia44Levski Sofia40Slavia Sofia35
196316Spartak Plovdiv45Botev Plovdiv40CDNA Sofia36
196214CDNA Sofia41Spartak Plovdiv35Levski Sofia30
196114CDNA Sofia40Levski Sofia30Botev Plovdiv30
196012CDNA Sofia32Levski Sofia28Lokomotiv Sofia23
195912CDNA Sofia32CDNA Sofia27Levski Sofia24
195812CDNA Sofia18Levski Sofia14Spartak Pleven11
195712CDNA Sofia34Lokomotiv Soifa33Levski Sofia30
195612CDNA Sofia31Dinamo Sofia26SKNA Plovdiv25
195514CDNA Sofia37Udarnik Sofia31Spartak Stalin28
195414CDNA Sofia45Udarnik Sofia38Lokomotiv Sofia36
195315Dinamo Sofia43OSG Sofia42VMS Stalin31
195212CDNA Sofia33Spartak Sofia26Lokoimotiv Sofia25
195112CDNA Sofia37Spartak Sofia36Dinamo Sofia26
195010Dinamo Sofia29Stroitel Sofia27Akademik Sofia22
Republican Division
1949-195010 Tournament interrupted by political decision. Sofia 1949.
1948-194910Levski Sofia33CDNV Sofia24Lokomotiv Sofia21
Knok-Out competition
1948Levski Sofia2-11-3Septemvri pri CVD Sofia
1947Levski Sofia1-11-0Lokomotiv Sofia
1946Levski Sofia1-01-0Lokomotiv Sofia
1945Lokomotiv Sofia3-11-1Sportist Sofia
1944 Not finished due to military coup d'etat and Soviet invasion.
National Division
1940-19418 Not Held
1939-194010ZhSK Sofia23Levski Sofia22Slavia Sofia221940 II
1938-193910Slavia Sofia23Vladislav Varna22Ticha Varna221939 II
1937-193810Ticha Varna25Vladislav Varna22Shipka Sofia221938 II
Knok-Out competition
1937Levski Sofia1-1woLevski Ruse
1936Slavia Sofia2-0Ticha Varna
1935Sportklub Sofia4-0Ticha Varna
1934Vladislav Varna2-0Slavia Sofia
1933Levski Sofia3-1Shipchenski Sokol Varna
1932Shipchenski Sokol Varna2-1Slavia Sofia
1931AS 23 Sofia3-0Shipchenski Sokol Varna
1930Slavia Sofia4-0Vladislav Varna
1929Botev Plovdiv1-0Levski Sofia
1928Slavia Sofia4-0Vladislav Varna
1927 Cancelled.
1926Vladislav Varna1-1woLevski Sofia
1925Vladislav Varna2-0Levski Sofia
1924 Not finished.
Todor 66
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