Men Water Polo World Championship 1975 Cali (COL) - 19-Fri 25.07.75 Winner Soviet Union
Part of Aquatics World Championship 1975 swimming World 1975 index
Final Grouppwdlgfga
1. Soviet Union521018:12
2. Hungary420117:14
3. Italy202114:16
4. Cuba101211:18
TeamURS SoviHUN HungITA ItalCUB Cuba
URS Soviet Union---5:45:58:3
HUN Hungary ---7:56:4
ITA Italy ---4:4
CUB Cuba ---
Final Ranking
Second Groups Round
Consolation Round 9-16
First Groups Round
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Fri 25.07.75HUN Hungary7-5ITA Italy
Fri 25.07.75URS Soviet Union8-3CUB Cuba
Sat 26.07.75URS Soviet Union5-5ITA Italy1-23-34-4
Sat 26.07.75HUN Hungary6-4CUB Cuba2-03-14-2
Sun 27.07.75URS Soviet Union5-4HUN Hungary1-13-25-3
Sun 27.07.75ITA Italy4-4CUB Cuba2-23-34-3
Final RankingPts_w__d__l_gfgag+-1973
1.URS Soviet Union1462049:26+232.
2.HUN Hungary1470162:42+201.
3.ITA Italy1042242:35+74.
4.CUB Cuba731438:42-46.
Group 5-8
7.ROU Romania840449:38+117.
9.FRG West Germany840444:45-1
8.NED Netherlands840433:29+48.
11.USA United States622444:40+45.
Group 9-12
9.MEX Mexico941339:35+49.
10.ESP Spain1143154:38+1610.
11.AUS Australia630537:39-214.
12.BUL Bulgaria521536:43-713.
Group 13-16
13.YUG Yugoslavia1470154:31+233.
14.CAN Canada630547:48-1
15.IRI Iran210723:76-53
16.COL Colombia000821:65-44
First 6 qualified to Olympic Men 1976.
Netherlands and United States were reserves.
Colombia - Host.
First 10 from World Championship Men 1973.
West Germany and Bulgaria from European Qualification?
Canada from Panamerica Qualification America Men WQ 1975.
Iran from Asia and Australia from Oceania.
Group 5-8pwdlgfga
5. Romania420115:12
6. West Germany420118:17
7. Netherlands420112:11
8. United States000314:19
ROU Romania---4:2 6:3
NED Netherlands ---5:35:4
FRG West Germany7:5 ---8:7
USA United States ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Fri 25.07.75NED Netherlands5-3FRG West Germany
Fri 25.07.75ROU Romania6-3USA United States
Sat 26.07.75FRG West Germany7-5ROU Romania
Sat 26.07.75NED Netherlands5-4USA United States
Sun 27.07.75FRG West Germany8-7USA United States
Sun 27.07.75ROU Romania4-2NED Netherlands
Group 9-12pwdlgfga
9. Mexico521015:10
TeamMEX MexiESP SpaiAUS AustBUL Bulg
MEX Mexico---5:54:16:4
ESP Spain ---8:55:5
AUS Australia ---6:0
BUL Bulgaria ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Fri 25.07.75MEX Mexico4-1AUS Australia
Fri 25.07.75ESP Spain5-5BUL Bulgaria1-13-25-2
Sat 26.07.75MEX Mexico5-5ESP Spain1-14-45-5
Sat 26.07.75AUS Australia6-0BUL Bulgaria
Sun 27.07.75ESP Spain8-5AUS Australia
Sun 27.07.75MEX Mexico6-4BUL Bulgaria
Group 13-16pwdlgfga
TeamYUG YugoCAN CanaIRI IranCOL Colo
YUG Yugoslavia---8:713:26:3
CAN Canada ---7:410:3
IRI Iran ---5:4
COL Colombia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Fri 25.07.75YUG Yugoslavia13-2IRI Iran
Fri 25.07.75CAN Canada10-3COL Colombia
Sat 26.07.75YUG Yugoslavia6-3COL Colombia
Sat 26.07.75CAN Canada7-4IRI Iran
Sun 27.07.75YUG Yugoslavia8-7CAN Canada
Sun 27.07.75IRI Iran5-4COL Colombia

Second Groups Round

First 2 to Final Group. Rest to Group 5-8.
Group Epwdlgfgato
1. Hungary630025:20Final Group
2. Cuba420115:14Final Group
3. West Germany210215:16Group 5-8
4. Romania000311:16Group 5-8
-. Yugoslavia630024:15
TeamHUN HungCUB CubaFRG WeGeROU RomaYUG Yugo
HUN Hungary---8:69:78:7
CUB Cuba ---5:44:2
FRG West Germany ---4:2
ROU Romania ---
YUG Yugoslavia 7:49:78:4---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Tue 22.07.75YUG Yugoslavia8-4ROU Romania
Game annuled Yugoslavia transf. to Group G
Tue 22.07.75HUN Hungary8-6CUB Cuba
Wed 23.07.75HUN Hungary9-7FRG West Germany
Wed 23.07.75CUB Cuba4-2ROU Romania
Thu 24.07.75FRG West Germany4-2ROU Romania
Group Fpwdlgfgato
1. Soviet Union521011:8Final Group
2. Italy420116:10Final Group
3. United States311112:16Group 5-8
4. Netherlands00037:12Group 5-8
TeamURS SoviITA ItalUSA UnStNED Neth
URS Soviet Union---3:24:44:2
ITA Italy ---10:44:3
USA United States ---4:2
NED Netherlands ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Tue 22.07.75URS Soviet Union3-2ITA Italy1-11-22-2
Tue 22.07.75USA United States4-2NED Netherlands
Wed 23.07.75URS Soviet Union4-2NED Netherlands0-01-02-1
Wed 23.07.75ITA Italy10-4USA United States

Consolation Round 9-16

First 2 to Group 9-12. Rest to Group 13-16.
Group Gpwdlgfgato
1. Australia420115:7Group 9-12
2. Bulgaria420121:14Group 9-12
3. Yugoslavia220111:8Group 13-16
4. Colombia00033:21Group 13-16
Games played by West Germany
-. West Germany420126:16
TeamAUS AustBUL BulgYUG YugoCOL ColoITA WeGe
AUS Australia--- 5:06:1
BUL Bulgaria6:4--- 12:2
YUG Yugoslavia 8:3---3:09:7
COL Colombia ---
FRG West Germany 4:3 15:4---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Tue 22.07.75FRG West Germany15-4COL Colombia
Game annuled West Germany transf. to Group E
Tue 22.07.75BUL Bulgaria6-4AUS Australia
Wed 23.07.75BUL Bulgaria12-2COL Colombia
Wed 23.07.75AUS Australia5-0YUG Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia refused to play.
Thu 24.07.75YUG Yugoslavia3-0COL Colombia
Group Hpwdlgfgato
1. Spain630028:12Group 9-12
2. Mexico420117:14Group 9-12
3. Canada210215:18Group 13-16
4. Iran00039:25Group 13-16
TeamESP SpaiMEX MexiCAN CanaIRI Iran
ESP Spain---7:59:512:2
MEX Mexico ---5:47:3
CAN Canada ---6:4
IRI Iran ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Tue 22.07.75ESP Spain7-5MEX Mexico
Tue 22.07.75CAN Canada6-4IRI Iran
Wed 23.07.75ESP Spain9-5CAN Canada2-13-16-2
Wed 23.07.75MEX Mexico7-3IRI Iran

First Groups Round

First 2 to Second Groups Round. Rest to Consolation Round 9-16.Scores are transferred.
Group Apwdlgfgato
1. Yugoslavia630024:14Group G
2. Cuba420117:14Group E
3. West Germany210215:17Group E
4. Bulgaria00039:20Group G
TeamYUG YugoCUB CubaFRG WeGeBUL Bulg
YUG Yugoslavia---7:49:78:3
CUB Cuba ---5:48:3
FRG West Germany ---4:3
BUL Bulgaria ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Sat 19.07.75YUG Yugoslavia8-3BUL Bulgaria
transferred to Group G
Sat 19.07.75CUB Cuba5-4FRG West Germany
transferred to Group E
Sun 20.07.75YUG Yugoslavia7-4CUB Cuba
had to be transferred to Group E
Sun 20.07.75FRG West Germany4-3BUL Bulgaria
had to be transferred to Group G
Mon 21.07.75YUG Yugoslavia9-7FRG West Germany
Mon 21.07.75CUB Cuba8-3BUL Bulgaria
Winner Yugoslavia was eliminated due to dopping offense of Ratko Rudic in a game with West Germany. It was awarded 5-0 win to West Germany. This happened only after the first games of Second Groups Round ware played.
Group Bpwdlgfgato
1. Hungary630028:15Group E
2. Romania420130:18Group E
3. Australia210216:21Group G
4. Colombia00039:29Group G
TeamHUN HungROU RomaAUS AustCOL Colo
HUN Hungary---8:711:59:3
ROU Romania ---9:514:5
AUS Australia ---6:1
COL Colombia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Sat 19.07.75HUN Hungary8-7ROU Romania
transferred to Group E
Sat 19.07.75AUS Australia6-1COL Colombia4-16-16-1
transferred to Group G
Sun 20.07.75HUN Hungary11-5AUS Australia
Sun 20.07.75ROU Romania14-5COL Colombia
Mon 21.07.75HUN Hungary9-3COL Colombia
Mon 21.07.75ROU Romania9-5AUS Australia
Group Cpwdlgfgato
1. Soviet Union521024:10Group F
2. United States412022:9Group F
3. Spain311120:13Group H
4. Iran00035:39Group H
TeamURS SoviUSA UnStESP SpaiIRI Iran
URS Soviet Union---4:47:413:2
USA United States ---4:414:1
ESP Spain ---12:2
IRI Iran ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Sat 19.07.75URS Soviet Union4-4USA United States
transferred to Group F
Sat 19.07.75ESP Spain12-2IRI Iran3-05-18-2
transferred to Group H
Sun 20.07.75URS Soviet Union13-2IRI Iran
Sun 20.07.75USA United States4-4ESP Spain0-11-22-2
Mon 21.07.75URS Soviet Union7-4ESP Spain1-23-25-3
Mon 21.07.75USA United States14-1IRI Iran
Group Dpwdlgfgato
1. Italy630016:12Group F
2. Netherlands420117:10Group F
3. Mexico210212:15Group H
4. Canada000312:20Group H
TeamITA ItalNED NethMEX MexiCAN Cana
ITA Italy---4:36:56:4
NED Netherlands ---5:29:4
MEX Mexico ---5:4
CAN Canada ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Sat 19.07.75ITA Italy6-5MEX Mexico2-14-36-3
Sat 19.07.75NED Netherlands9-4CAN Canada
Sun 20.07.75ITA Italy6-4CAN Canada2-14-25-3
Sun 20.07.75NED Netherlands5-2MEX Mexico
Mon 21.07.75ITA Italy4-3NED Netherlands1-02-02-2
transferred to Group F
Mon 21.07.75MEX Mexico5-4CAN Canada
transferred to Group H
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